How does Blizzard feel about Dota being more popular than Warcraft 3?

@tokouchi (370)
November 6, 2009 1:46am CST
I just wonder how Blizzard, the developers of Warcraft 3, feel about the popularity of the custom map "Defense of the Ancients(dota)" being more popular than the actual game. Nobody i know even played Warcraft 3 since Dota became popular. My friend was even surprised the 1st time i told him that Dota was just a map and Warcraft 3. 9 years and still hundreds of thousand of gamers play Dota on Battlenet and Garena compared to the few hundreds who play the original Warcraft 3. Maybe the Warcraft 3 team is now thinking "why didn't we think of that?". If you were one the Blizzard team who created Warcraft 3, what would you think? feel?
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@artee13 (126)
• Philippines
13 Feb 10
In my opinion it is really okay with Blizzard that DOTA is more popular than the Warcraft 3 because it is part of Warcraft 3 and because of Dota many people play Warcraft 3.
@rene12 (796)
• Philippines
19 Dec 09
Warcraft 3 is made to be flexible in any way that is why there is an editor installed when installing the game right? I think they felt proud that they made Warcraft which let icefrog create dota :D
@UnD1n3 (37)
• Malaysia
16 Nov 09
well, people dont like complicated things... like w3 for instance, u need to be very good at microing units to be pro. dota is different. u juz nd to hav a gud team n manage ur own hero=) its way easier