Am I A Bad Mum?

November 6, 2009 2:21am CST
A mother of three has to choose being separated from her two other kids ages 11 and 8 to be with her youngest, a 3 year old, who has been very sickly and her husband who has been making foolish things in a hindsight. Even if she wanted to be with all her three children, financially she and her husband couldn't afford it. The two kids are left in the province with grandparents to look up to them while she and her husband with their youngest is living in the city. The decision to live with her husband in the city is to fix the now shaky relationship, giving it another try. Financially, they are hard ups and her eldest is begging her to go back in the province, but she refused, thinking if she does, her marriage will be completely doomed...Does this make her a bad and unworthy Mum?
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• Philippines
2 Mar 10
i guess it will not make you a bad mum since you said your trying to fix things with your husband and so hopefully if everything is fine then i hope you will also get your two kids to be with you in the city. im pregnant right now and the guy left me, i tried all my best to reach the guy but his gone now and so i promise to keep the baby, find work after giving birth and the baby will stay with me. maybe i will let my mom come here so she cn look after my baby first then if im stable with my job then perhaps i can get a nanny for my baby. it really depends to the future but i wish everything will be alright not to the point of letting my baby far away from me.
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• Philippines
4 Mar 10
Hello, Homeshoppers:-) Wow, you must have dug in this out searching for a topic.:-) Firstly, thank you for the very first person to respond to this discussion. Secondly, let me express my admiration for doing the right thing and taking full responsibility of the consequence of your actions.I wish all gals have that same "ball" you have. It is kind of a guilty feeling that I am being a good mum to a daughter while leaving the two kids at my parents' care... But, you are right. Things will change and eventually I can gather all my kids and be a good mum to all of them.:-) Do take care, then. You are taking the right decision. Your child is lucky to have you as a Mum. Goodluck to you and may God bless you with more strength. :-)
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@indahfth (11170)
• Indonesia
18 Mar 10
do not ever feel, be a bad, as long as you have the desire to fix everything. you should seriously change the situation so that the better. I believe you will be a good mother, with a serious attempt to improve the situation.
@Stephanie5 (2947)
• United States
5 Mar 10
No, it doesn't make you a bad and unworthy mom. You are very lucky to have the help and support of grandparents. By what you've described, I think you are trying to do the best thing for your family. But please understand that you can't make it work if he's not willing so don't hold on to it forever if that is what is seperating you from your other two kids. Those are very delicate ages...but what age isn't? Good Luck! Save me as a friend and message me if you ever need to talk. ~Stephanie