Physiotherapy for normal people - To keep mobility going at its peak it is esssential that one resorts to physiotherapy even when one is healthy
@allknowing (86128)
November 6, 2009 4:35am CST
It is folly to think that only those who have met with accidents or have problems with mobility go for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is recommended to improve movement and function of the body that remain stagnant as each of us have a lifestyle that does not exercise all parts of the body in a manner they should. Physiotherapy ensures mobility and proper functioning of those parts of our body that need to move. It is only when I met with an accident that this fact came to my notice and I consider this accident a blessing in disiguise as I have realised that we all need to go for physiotherapy in order to stay fit.One needs to consult a physiotherapist who will recommend exercises depending on ones need. Your comments please.
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@cher913 (25862)
• Canada
6 Nov 09
i am a physio therapy brat you might say. i have been to several ove rthe years because of the accident i had involving my knees. i find that they have helped me and if i could afford it, i wouldnt hesitate to go again.
• India
6 Nov 09
HI, I have same experience. One year before i was consult to physiotherapist as there was cramp in my leg because of small accidend. Daily exersise was given by him and cramp was disapeared in one week. i think that everyone once awhile shuold consult physio, because he will give exersise which is need to your body. Have a heakthy day