How Maximum Acai Power Helped Me Lose 20lbs in 3 weeks! (& Get Your Free Trial)

November 6, 2009 10:06am CST
Maximum Acai Power is the latest Acai Berry product to hit the market and has many added benefits to most other acai based suppliments. I was lucky enough to get myself a free trial of this and gave it a try for a few weeks. I've pretty much been overweight most my life and tried various different diets, excercises and so on, I've had minimal success but nothing ever really seemed to do the trick. So I thought id give this stuff a try after reading a positive review about it online. I ordered up my free trial and got them through the post in the next couple of days and took the first tablet in the morning. I felt pretty good for the rest of the day and kind of uplifted with more energy than usual. Over the next few days I felt great, full of energy and very positive, even though it was early days I thought id weigh myself anyway, id lost 4 pounds already, Couldnt believe it! Over the next couple weeks things just got better and better, I am writing this after 3 weeks of taking Maximum Acai Power and i've lost almost 20lbs and still counting! The extra energy that this stuff has given me has given me the motivation to do some light excercise so I really think this is helping. Anyway i've been reading about the secret formula that Maximum Acai Power uses and found out the following: High in fiber: Thanks to the high fiber content, Maxmimum Acai Power is able to detoxify the body and regulate your digestive system properly, it also managed to get rid of the bloated feeling I used to get! Vitamins and Minerals: It contains a unique combination of vitamins and minerals including many of the much needed B vitamins. Because of this the immune system becomes stronger and your energy levels increase. Speeds up metabolism: The Acai Berry itself contained within it is classed as one of the worlds best 'superfoods' and works to speed up the metabolism and rid the body of excess water weight, this is the real secret behind the weight loss I experienced. After being overweight and constantly drained of my energy I owe most of my success to Maximum Acai Power and highly recommend it anyone, especially those who have struggled with weight loss (like me). You can still get a free trial over at their website but the offer wont last forever so I would personally hurry up as this stuff is extremely popular at the moment!
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