Think about tetris

@May2k8 (9906)
November 6, 2009 11:00am CST
What is the sense of tetris itself, tetris made into many kinds. I know we can make it if one line or a box full of similar images. I do not understand is why there is tetris is made using two people (boys and girls), and when the two met and there was a relationship.
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@owlwings (41460)
• Cambridge, England
6 Nov 09
Tetris is an addictive computer game created (I believe) by a Russian. There are many variants but all depend on creating a 'line' by fitting tiles created from four squares in different configurations into a grid. When one completes a line of squares, a point is awarded and the line is deleted. The game usually progresses by 'levels', in each of which the 'tiles' fall faster and the player's reactions must be quicker. I have not seen a variant with 'male' and 'female' tiles. I imagine that this addition is simply to make the game harder for those who are expert at it.