What kind the people are you?

November 6, 2009 3:27pm CST
When you meet somebody new... somebody who want's to integrate into your group what thinck's are important to you and what thinck's aren't becouse i loock arround and the human been is so difficult to understand, each person have his own personality...but in groups people seem to comport a liitle the same? What kind the people are you... one who lickes to help somebody to integrate, one who puts some obstacle in the step of his integrating or one who doesn't accept other person in their group?
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6 Nov 09
I think that you shud help somebody who is trying to intreagate to an extent. You want them to have qualities and certain traits that they can display that helps them integrate. e.g sense of humour, making the group laugh, being lively, so they actually speak and interact. I'll help them but you don't want to gout on a limb and force them to integrate, if they don't want to or they quiet and don't speak. I don't put obstacles in someone's way, because I'm not that kind of person.
• Romania
7 Nov 09
that is verry nice and i thinck that all of us shoul do the same. Thank's for the answer and have a nice day.