Which one came first, chicken or egg?

November 6, 2009 4:13pm CST
Come to think of it, chicken came from egg and egg came from chicken. And chikens lay egg to become chiken. It is a cycle that repeat it self to have chicken and egg. But it is confussing to trace the origin of chicken. Thus the chiken came first before the egg or egg existed first to be chiken. hmm. don't know? How about you what do you say?
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• Philippines
6 Nov 09
Haha that's confusing but i can tell some things though i am not really sure myself if this is true: OK here we go haha 1. If you would think of the word "LAY", Chicken Lay Eggs but eggs don't lay chickens so Chickens first! 2.God said "I will create animals this day!"