Do you like the new Angus Third Pounders at McDonalds?

United States
November 6, 2009 5:07pm CST
I think the burgers are OK, but I don't like all those toppings, and they put really strong pepper on them, so no, I don't like them. Pretty pricey, as well.
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@bwanna (282)
• United States
22 Nov 09
I hate them with all of my being!!! Okay, maybe I'm going a little over the top, but it really makes me mad because once Burger King stopped serving their great Angus (it was so good!), McDonald's comes out with this really, really gross knock up. I really don't like it, as you can tell.
• United States
12 Nov 09
i dont like mcdonalds luch menu but i do like there breakfast the about all i like about them i prefer BK burgers
@epicure35 (2822)
• United States
8 Nov 09
I really tried to like McDonalds burgers and ordered an "Angus". I thought it was awful, just like McDonalds regular burgers, which I haven't eaten since they opened years ago. They really don't know how to do burgers and I am suspect of just what mystery meat they use. So, I think they should stick to fries, which they do well, and McGriddles, which they invented and work for me. But, to me, they make about the worst burgers ever, and that includes fast food joints of many kinds.
@sender621 (14933)
• United States
7 Nov 09
I have not tried all of the angus burgers from mcDonalds. I have always liked mushroom ans swiss burgers so i had to try the mushroom and swiss burger from McDonalds. I really like it. I do wish the price was a little bit lower though. Of course my favorite sandwhich has to be the most expensive on the menu. But i think it's worth it. I hope that McDobalds will keep the angus burgers on their menu. I hope this isn't a limited food item for them.
@happy6162 (3009)
• United States
6 Nov 09
Yes, I like the Angus sandwich at McDonald. I have only tried the mushroom swiss Augus burger because I love mushrooms. My husband has tried all three and he loves them all. The price of some of the other burgers are high too.