It's when we have faith..

November 7, 2009 1:59am CST
Faith seemed to be a simple word but very hard to have it in our hearts. I think you guys has seen some of my problems in the last month regarding my mom and my school. People keep on saying "don't loose your faith", but it was terribly hard. It's like when you are at the edge of cliff and and it is terribly dark. It's when you don't know that what's going to happen if you will do the next step. It's when you there's no one with you and you can't hold on to anyone. And then you realize that someone in your heart, telling you to trust Him, though you can't see Him at all. That's what I felt at those moments when I was hopeless and felt that I was the only one in the world. Thank you guys for being there to advise me and I would also want to thank my friends and never left me. And most of all, God. And when I have faith in Him, I took the next step, and I did not fall. Because He was holding my hands.
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• Boston, Massachusetts
7 Nov 09
The mere fact that i am still alive and kicking is the fact that i have that faith in me-- that no matter what happened in my life, all the challenges and trials i am still up and happy with my life. God is so good he never gives up on me. He's always there to guide, protect and provide all the things that i need-- i just have to consistently trust him because he knows what is best for me!