What is your most valuable material belonging?

@raisur (423)
November 7, 2009 5:51am CST
What is your most valuable material belonging, without which, you feel, it'll be difficult for you to live? that you never want to lose even in the worst of your dreams?
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@Rainegurl (2156)
• Philippines
8 Nov 09
Hi, raisur I think the most valuable material I have now is my laptop. That is because it is expensive for me and I think I will have difficulty replacing it. I cannot afford a new one right now. Also, my work is in my laptop. I cannot go to work without it. Have a nice day!
@kush20006 (515)
• India
7 Nov 09
its my love and my mind god please keep both things in right directions
@samson1967 (7414)
• India
7 Nov 09
My valuable material is my education, which will remain and safeguard me till the end. Rest of the material things and attatchments are subject to destruction.
@Chhobi (4)
• Bangladesh
7 Nov 09
My most valuable material belonging now is my cell phone. But, I won't die losing it.
• Malaysia
7 Nov 09
I suppose I'm materialistic in the sense that the first thought that came to my mind is my netbook; Acer Aspire One. I like it a lot. But on the other hand it's not so "valuable" to me that I feel if i lose it it'd be difficult to live. I don't feel it is wise to let anything be so important to you to that extent. Also, I put my netbook at risk a lot by taking it outdoors where I could lose it. It would really irk me if something happens, but life goes on.