WHat is the best thing that a friend has done for you?

@werdan88 (273)
November 7, 2009 7:30am CST
What is the best thing that your friend ever did for you? Why do you consider it the best? :)WOuld you do the same for them? :)
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• Malaysia
3 Aug 10
The best thing a friend has ever done for me was to believe in me and stand by me when i needed their friendship the most. I am fortunate to have a very few special people and family who have done this to me. I love them very much indeed. ^^
@buping (954)
• China
24 Nov 09
hi werdan, i just spent my birthday yesterday, and what moved me most is that i received so many sms to me, and a friend of mine always sent a message to me on every my birthday, but i did not remember her's. i never sent a message to her on her birthday, i am so sorry about it. i think that is the best thing my friend ever done for me.
@derek_a (10898)
8 Nov 09
I would say that the best thing a friend could do for me is to give me the space to be as I am, so that I would not have to put on any pretences and I could just be myself. I have had friends who have accepted me as I am and it is great to be with such friends. I always do my best to accept people as they are too, as this makes a strong and free relationship. - Derek
• India
7 Nov 09
He had backuped me in many things. Yes i am also doing the same.
@Craicha (801)
7 Nov 09
everytime i need someone to talk to and everytime im nah ok....my friend was there for me...
• Philippines
7 Nov 09
The best thing that a friend has done to me is giving me love and care... showed me how wide the world is and how beautiful life is if you two are together. =) Yep she became my girlfriend and were happy.. =)