November 7, 2009 1:02pm CST
Did you ever got hacked? I have read in many blogs and all about hacking and how clever those guys do it. I had even tried some of it but never succeeded though.. :( they discuss how easily they hack email accounts, get login and passwords, steal credit cards etc.. Have you ever been a victim to this?
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• Indonesia
15 Nov 09
in most of day my server become a lamerz target, i dont' know what they are looking for. In my opinion they just try to proof the new applications that they find in the net. Of course you can't do that task as easy you think, you need more skill and know how the hackers logic. Once you have that skill you can perform that task more easy.
• Philippines
7 Nov 09
It's phising, actually if you are above a novice web designer you can actually design phising site but prepare yourself to get into trouble. I saw one site that copied the entire content of yahoomail page but when you tried to login, it goes to their own database and thats it, your login details were passed to this fake site.