I m very emotional person....

November 8, 2009 12:58am CST
I m very emotional person...I cant see the pain of others coz i believe,"Put yourself in other shoes,if it hurts you then it definitely hurts tht person"..And so if i see some people in problem or hurted or anyone crying i become very emotional...And i feel the pain....and if i cant help then i feel bad....
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@natnickeep (2338)
• United States
8 Nov 09
That is normal. I am emotional too. This makes you a more compassionate person. You care how others feel. If something really bad happened to someone I really didn't like I would even feel bad in that case. I can always put myself is someone elses shoes, and I always try to see their side. That is also what helps me to be a very forgiving person. But at the same time I am learning not to be to gullable. Some times when people realize that you are an emotional person they may try to take advantage of it.