Hello! I have a question about alertpay concerning neobux ptc..

@vanila (491)
November 8, 2009 5:21am CST
I want to rent referrals in neobux.. but I cant do it through paypal without confirmation.. can I do it through alertpay without having to confirm my account their, meaning puting on details like number of the visa ect'? Thank you all.
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• India
8 Nov 09
first of all..both paypal and alertpay are different in their verification system.. in paypal verification is done through your credit or debit card..but in alertpay its done in another way..in alertpay verifcation is done by submitting a copy of your identity along with a photo of yours and some documents.. id suggest trying to rent your referrals by verifying your paypal accont my friend..thats more worth it..and alertpay also has high withdrawing fees
@dm4140b (203)
• Australia
8 Nov 09
Yes you can do it through unverified AlertPay. You can request cashout's through both unverified PayPal and unverified AlertPay. The only restriction is when putting money in your PayPal has to be verified. AlertPay is fine unverified. I would highly recommend verifying both of these accounts. PayPal in paticular has one of the easiest verification systems. Good luck to you. Happy MyLotting! :)