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November 8, 2009 10:51am CST
My mom's getting a surgery tomorrow on her right eye. She's been to 3 different doctors & they all told her if she doesn't get the surgery, there's 100% chance of her going blind in that eye. Just a matter of time, it could be tomorrow, it could be 10 or more years from now. If she does get the surgery, there's 50/50 chance of her going blind on that eye. Is it just me or does that sound little weird to anyone? I mean, either way, she's taking a chance. If she doesn't take the surgery, there's a chance she could have a healthy eye sight for next 10 or more years. But if she does take the surgery, there's a chance that she could go blind tomorrow. I often wondered why people called what doctors do a "practice". It seems like all a guess work to me. I could've said the samething. It's almost like asking, "what's the difference between partly cloudy day & mostly sunny day?" or "mostly sunny day & partly cloudy day". It's a samething, isn't it? If it's partly sunny, then it's gonna be mostly sunny, or if it's gonna be mostly sunny, it's partly cloudy day. I can understand partly sunny day with chance of rain but really... I don't understand why doctors have 9 different ways to say they're not so sure... It's like going to 4 years of college, another few years of medical school, then few years doing internship, all that to say, "Well, we're not sure but we think it's......" Just a thought...
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8 Nov 09
That was kind a weird? So if your mom would get the surgery tomorrow there's a 50-50 chance that she would go blind? And if she ain't gonna do it, it would take 10 more years that she could have a healthy eye sight? I think it's more safer to not take the surgery, because of the success rate is 50-50, and if it would be me I would choose not to because I could have 10 more years seeing things. I won't risk my self especially if it's only a 50% chance if I could still have 10 more years. I'm also in the medical field but only a nursing student, your right that not all times doctors can make the right decision.
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@Craicha (801)
8 Nov 09
the doctor's do all there best for there said 50/50 chances especially eyes are closed to our brain and what it makes it blind nah because of the operation but the complications that your mom might get after the operation....
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