Husband gone for 6 months working in another State??

@RhodaK (177)
United States
November 8, 2009 11:26am CST
I was wondering how many of you would trust you husbands working about 1000 miles away in another state? Mine has been gone 6 months and I totally trust him. Am I ducmb to do it , or is it worth being trustworthy with him. I want to know.
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• Philippines
17 Nov 09
Hi rhodak! Same as your situation, my husband is also away from home. He left for working abroad. He has a 2 year contract, and he is already one year there now. Like you, sometimes I also has negative thoughts of his fidelity to me. But, my husband always assures me of that. And I really thrust him too. My instincts says you believe on that?, a woman's instincts?...We always keep our communication open, it really helps...and with prayers that he would always be strong to resist temptations...
@RhodaK (177)
• United States
22 Nov 09
Thanks for your good insights....I pray a lot and with it we both resist temptations. Thanks for you your comment.
@cbwork6 (44)
• United States
20 Nov 09
Is this the first time or has this happened before? I don't believe there is a reason not to trust him until he gives you one. Stay strong because a lot of people are separated due to work, all the time. Everything will be okay and just remind your self that you love him and trust him. The first time apart is always the hardest. My husband has left many times because he is in the militry. The longest he was gone was 7 months but all in total since we have been married he has been gone for a total of about 16 months. We got thru it and you can too. Just wait till you get to see him again it will be like you just got married again.