different nationality can be lovers

@bentoyhk (202)
Hong Kong
November 8, 2009 10:38pm CST
How do you feel this topic? Do you agree it is difficult for two lovers have different nationalities mainly with different languages. They can't communicate well and start many argues all the times. People need communicate and understand each other. Does anyone has different nationality loves, could you share your views?
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• United States
18 Nov 09
I dont really think color matters at all. My husband is black and im white. It doesnt really affect any part of our daily lives. Yes there are those who will stare when we are seen in public, but why is our lives their business? I dont understand why so many people see it as being a big issue.
• Italy
9 Nov 09
I am Italian, my ex-ex was British and my ex was Indian...of course English has always been the main language between us. It's not true you can't communicate well, as long as both talk a decent English, I tell you the poblems we had were not of communication, instead, we used to talk a lot, but of cultures not matching. I think you can have a lover from a different nationality but of a similar culture, like both are Europeans or both are Asian, but not mix that, it didn't work for me.