Doomsday is at hand

November 8, 2009 11:23pm CST
Day of resurrection is a terrible word for me. Moreover, some sources said the resurrection will occur in 2013. Doomsday is identical to the destruction of the earth is really terrible. All life on earth destroyed in second. What can i do now is surrender to the will of God. What about you ?
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• Malaysia
2 Dec 09
I am also in a state of worry. However there's nothing much we can do except to surrender to God's will. So if we really have time until 2013, then we have to grab this opportunity when time still exist for us. Personally at first I feel scared because there is little time left for us, but then when thinking back we all will die one day, only when and how we die we don't know. I hope the resurrection day will not happen in the near future because I don't want to face it, it is absolutely terrifying and I know I don't want to face it in my lifetime. I've heard that on the year 2012, the earth with be in a straight line with other planets in the universe and this will result in gravity pull which then produces earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and many more. Let's just pray so that the earth will not end in our lifetime.
• Indonesia
8 Apr 10
just pray