Why do women nag men?

November 9, 2009 2:59am CST
Why do they do it? Nag nag nag! Is it a fun thing to do for them? Why do they nag their beloved? If nature has given women this nagging habit then there must be some significant reason behind it. What may be the reason? More importantly, how to make your sweetheart stop nagging?
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@ally12 (1203)
• Philippines
2 Feb 11
First I dont think there are women who loves to nag or make her nagging a habit. Its an energy consuming and a humiliation of herself too. because we all know no one likes people who are nagger, right? But why do women nag anyway? For me its our way to let our man understand what we wanted them to understand. There will be no nagging women if there are less insensitive men around. some men are just so dumb to listen and understand what their partners' wanted to communicate on them. That is why women keep on nagging hoping that we will be heard.
@kaka135 (14106)
• Malaysia
25 Dec 09
Well, sometimes I think it's really the nature of women who like to nag. It's always said that a woman like to talk more than a man, and a woman needs to talk a lot in a day too. Especially when a woman staying at home, and not talking to many people in a day, when she sees her husband or kids, then she'll start talking a lot to them, and sometimes it becomes nagging. I personally do not like to be nagged, and I also notice sometimes I do some nagging like my mum. I always "warn" myself not to do so, also I know my husband doesn't like me to nag. I understand how annoying nagging can be, so I always tell myself not to do so. I don't want my kids to scare of me in future too. How to make your sweetheart stop nagging? Try to keep nagging her and see if she likes it. If she doesn't like it, then just tell her you don't like it as well.
@peace001 (726)
• China
9 Nov 09
hi,maybe it is one of the ways to show their love.it is hardly to understand but surely it is.do you still remember the poem written by Tagore,using indifference heart to dig an crossing river to hurt the one you loved.so don't stop her nagging,for how much she loves you!