Mentos + CocoCola

November 9, 2009 8:01am CST
Hey all! Anyone tried to mix mentos and cococola? I saw some videos about it. Who tried? What about results? Is it really work?
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• Philippines
2 Sep 10
we used to do this when we were kids. we put mentos on a half filled bottle of coke. then it forms a foam and overflows.
@mantis36 (4219)
• Philippines
5 Jun 11
but it did not explode what we are expecting right?????
@snurre (17)
• Sweden
11 Nov 09
It only works with Mentos and Coca-cola Light.
@mantis36 (4219)
• Philippines
5 Jun 11
you mean really????? nyahahahaha now i have a plan and an idea on what will i do now.....
@tonyllenium (6254)
• Italy
26 Oct 10
eehhe i never tried it in reality is ounds a mix really explosive so coke should make a kind of overflow effect i think this is the game..but i never tried personally eheh
• Boston, Massachusetts
9 Nov 09
Can you share some more about this? why is there a need to put the mentos in the cola? what is this for? i am curious to know any information regarding this. Please enlighten me more about what you saw in the video... thanks and welcome to mylot!
• United States
12 Nov 09
My children have tried this and unless you do it over the sink or outside I would not recommend trying it. Works better in a bottle versus a glass and worked better for them with the mint Mentos versus the fruit Mentos. We decuted taht the reason the bottle worked better was that when the coke was poured into the glass some of the carbonation excaped therefore creating less fizz. Obviously we were having fun experimenting. Their results were just about like shaking a bottle of coke and then opening the top. It went everywhere in a foamy froth. We had fun with it. Hope this answers your questions.
@mantis36 (4219)
• Philippines
5 Jun 11
it did not work, my plan to do experiment that before in order to prove if working.... for the purpose of revenge unto my friend during Saint John the Baptist day.... he started me splashing a pale of water and i never forget that what he did to me before.... hehehehe