What kind of diet plan would work for me?

United States
November 9, 2009 2:19pm CST
I am in need of a nutritious balanced diet plan. I gained 64 lbs during pregnancy my 2nd time around and still have 6 lbs to lose. What I always did for dieting was to cut way back on what I consume, cut out all sweets and just plain ate air. Now I've got these stubborn 6 lbs to lose and a whole lot of belly fat! LOL Here's the problem I'm having. I have to take a medication that restricts me on what I can eat. So I need a diet plan tailored to just me. The foods I can't eat are as follows: poultry(chicken, turkey, etc) avocados bananas pepperoni pop anything with caffeine in it chocolate alcohol tea coffee aged cheeses soy sauce fava bean broad bean pods smoked or pickled meats fish fermented sausages(bologna, pepperoni, salami, summer sausage) any over ripe fruit I'm having a really hard time finding healthy meals. If anyone has any ideas or where I can get ideas that would be FABULOUS! :-)
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• Canada
9 Nov 09
Mixing up your exercise routine will be most helpful. Try new things, do your exercises in different orders. You're body easily adapts to things. To get rid of that extra fat, you need to shock your body so it has to work in a new way. It wont know what its doing, therefore having to work harder. As for the diet plan, I would talk to a doctor or a dietition to help you get the nutrients you need.
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11 Nov 09
Thank you. I do try to mix up my exercise routine. I do a workout video in the morning (Jillian Michaels 30 day shred) and an ab video in the afternoon(abs of steel) 6-7 days a week and then run 3 days a week. I'm starting to wonder if my body is just used to all this exercise? I've leveled up on the workout video and now my thighs are killing me. A good hurt of course! :-) So maybe that will help a little! And your right, maybe I should talk to a Dr or dietition. Unfortunately we just can't afford to go to one
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11 Nov 09
Workout DVDs are the best! Maybe try adding in some yoga or pilates. Pilates really helped me in weight loss and it's great for your abs! Or you could do you afternoon workout in the mornings, and your morning workouts in the afternoon. Also try changing the days you don't work out. Your body may have gotten into a routine and knows its resting days, so you need to shock it and try something really different. Check out some workout magazines too, they usually have great tips on how to get yourself out of a plateau. Sometimes eating a little bit more can help too, because eating too little can drop your metabilism so low that your body will not burn any fat because it thinks you are starving. If you cannot afford a doctors visit or dietition, you might beable to find a book, or if you do some serious googling, you might find a site that'll help. It sounds like your food choices are very limited, so I cannot offer much advice on what you should eat instead, because alot of the healthy foods I eat are on your list.