What kind of lover do you prefer: handsome/beautiful but dumb or ugly but smart?

November 9, 2009 11:26pm CST
For me, a girl should be tanned, with long hair, smart, comic, kindhearted and talented. Good looks is an advantage but I prefer the smart one. It is important that I could feel that she have dreams in life. I'm being challenged if a girl outwits my humor or perhaps, if she's more brilliant than me. What matters is a mutual conversation and a kind of romance that could defy all the cliches in the universe. How about you?
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• India
10 Nov 09
hi dear for me she should be a girl with a heart that means she should be very care to me to my parents thats what the thing i want. have a nice day thank you
• Philippines
10 Nov 09
I agree. In my culture, you know, there are instances that you must tame a parent's heart first before pursuing to the actual courting. The lesson is, let us love one another.
• China
13 Nov 09
hi jabrica.from my childhood,i am thinking this question all the way.but now i find the my dream girl is not exist at all.so the only demand is what she can cook for me,because i love food.lol
@buping (954)
• China
10 Nov 09
hi jabrica, i do not like a handsome husband, i am a girl, and i pay no attention to men's appearance, i do not think it is important in a relationship, but person's characterictics vitals. plus, most women like handsome boys, with so many women pursuing him, he would become pride and do not care about me so much, so i would chooose a dumb but smart husband.