Do u believe in zodiac signs compatibility?

November 10, 2009 5:20am CST
I'm been reading alot about zodiac signs.. Yes I do believe in Zodiac signs because most of my traits are similar with my zodiac sign but I dont know if the zodiac signs compatibility is a reliable source for having a long lasting relationship. For example in the zodiac signs Gemini, it says that it is compatible with Libra and Aries, hmmm. do u agree with that? Ive asked some of my friends and most of their answers are YES the 2 signs are compatible... but am still hesitant with that .what do u think?
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@maximax8 (30105)
• United Kingdom
17 Jan 10
I have Cancer as my zodiac sign. I am meant to be most compatible with other people with the same zodiac sign, Pisces and Scorpio. I get on well with those people I have noticed. Funnily enough I know three people with Aries as their zodiac sign. I asked a friend why each was so different. He explained they might differ because of the rising sign when each was born. One is married to a person that has Taurus as his zodiac sign and they have been happily married for more than ten years. I believe in zodiac signs compatibility a little bit. It is something I need to find out more about.
@ajax_007 (56)
• India
14 Jan 10
Yes I believe in Zodiac signs compatibility.
@tokouchi (370)
• Philippines
11 Nov 09
No. You can never rely on just zodiac signs for relationships. If it were that simple, then nobody would have problems in their relationships. Relationships have nothing to do with zodiac signs.
@astameva (27)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 09
I read my zodiac sign as a weekly routine, especially when it tells good predictions. LOL. But I don't believe at zodiac that much, including the compatibility thing. Let say you are in a good relationship with someone, but your zodiac sign tells you that you are not a good couple to go together. Will you just break your relationship up? Well, for me, I won't do such a thing. I will not depend on zodiac's prediction if it tells us only to leave people we already like. Also, I will not adore people who I don't interested in even if my zoiac tells me to. What we should do in making good relationship with people depends on ourselves, not our zodiacs. Right? What would you say about that?
• India
10 Nov 09
hi friends s i believe zodiac sidns.mine is leo.
@eLsMarie (4348)
• Philippines
10 Nov 09
zodiac signs were never a reliable source. they're very much general and it doesn't specify any particular scenario or whatsoever. i used to be a believer on zodiac signs but i realized that i was dwelling to it for so much that's why i always thought that it's really telling me the truth.
• India
10 Nov 09
hi dear friend yes i believe in zodiac sign compatibility and mine is Leo have a nice day thank you