Losing Some Weight

November 10, 2009 7:27pm CST
I am the firstborn in the family. So obviously, I got all the first attentions. More than that, I am well treated and all that. My parents give me everything I need, especially foods and vitamins. And people are so fond of me. You know why? Because I'm a little chubby girl. Am I cute? I don't know. Just chubby,I guess. Hahaha While growing up, I realized that being chubby is not always cute-especially when you're reaching teenage years. That was when I started on dieting. Luckily, I was able to loose some baby fats. All I did was control my eating habit and I exercise a lot. It is said that we must eat according to our usage of energy. So if you work a lot, you can eat more. But if not, it is suggested to eat less. So I followed their advices. I eat much in the morning and lunch. But I go for a light dinner or sometimes I even skip. I eat less of rice and I choose to eat more fruits. It is good, I guess. And other people are impressed with the outcome, so I say, it's not that bad. I feel healthier and stronger. Exercise helps a lot!
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@Hatley (164283)
• Garden Grove, California
11 Nov 09
hi invisiblelady You are right on there as far as I can see. I know my doctor says if exercise could be put on a prescription people may take it more often. i have made one resolution so far for the coming new year and that is to lose fifty pounds and keep it off. You should also include a lot of great veggies along with your fruit but you are indeed do the things that will make you more healthy. now I must start doing the same thing. its hard here as my meals are out of my hands,I eat or dont eat what the cooks serve us,but stillI can make some choices in spite of that and get some exercise too. good luck.
• Philippines
11 Nov 09
Thanks! Honestly, I am a lot slimmer now than my teenage years. Before, I go to XL section, but now, I can fit from small-medium. Cool. Well, I wish you luck too. Hoping that you'll be able to do your resolution for the coming year. GOD bless