chicken Biryani

November 11, 2009 4:43am CST
Do you like chicken Biryani? It's very easy to cook and can be kept as readymade breakfast in the fridge. I can never get tired of chicken Biryani and always experiment with taste by changing and adding new spices to it. Tell me your method of making Chicken Biryani
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20 Nov 09
what does it taste? I dont have any Idea on this chicken thing.
• India
28 Nov 09
go to any Indian restaurant in you area. If they provide non veg, they would definitely have chicken Biryani. It's like fried rice mixed with chicken, but definitely taste is awesome, when mixed with Indian spices. of many kinds of chicken Biryani, Hyderabadi chicken Biryani is the best. Try it
@TAZNEM (656)
• Philippines
25 Feb 10
BRiyani?? i think i have never tasted chicken cooked like that. but you should try chicken adobo too it taste heavenly. its our national chicken dish..i am proud of it
• India
11 Nov 09
Hi gunjanpri , I like chicken Biryani very much . I will say it will be very tasty and interesting to eat if someone mostly my mother prepares it. My mother will prepare chicken biryani very tastily. I don't have much interest in cooking , but no other go i am cooking everyday in my house. I have big interest in eating non-veg receipes and especially chicken biryani.
• India
11 Nov 09
you have asked a great question how to make briyani have a look on you tube you can get perfect videos i can say how to make but for better output you have a look on videos :)