Does Our Life is "HELL or HEAVEN"?

November 11, 2009 10:17am CST
Hello MyLots Friend , I'm a very Emotional type of young Boy , As i seen Lot Of People who Just Blames Their Luck or God for their current Bad Situations or Tensions specially the people living under Poverty Line and Rich People or celebrities.On the Other Hand I Saw such people who always carry Happiness with them.So please gave me your valuable views Does Our Life is "HELL or HEAVEN"?
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• India
11 Nov 09
hi sahilpadhiyar20 It has been the problem of most guys in the world that they only complaints but does not make efforts to try and make their situation better.These type of people are being infected by a serious disease of narrow-mindedness which makes them to blame other people or god or their own Bad luck. I think they are turning their good luck into bad luck. They make their own life a living hell. Be aware of people like this. On the other hand some lively people understands other's feelings and make them happy unlike others that used to hurt them. These type of people lives happily in their whole life. These people make their and other's life better and like HEAVEN. Good Luck To You. Happy Mylotting.