Stay single or married?

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United States
November 11, 2009 4:02pm CST
Hi, I just want to get some opinion here regarding Single life and married life. For most people that I know are married and included myself as well. I know some will choose to marry someone that he/she loves the most and spend the rest of your life with. And some will like to stay single and let their life be freedom, what do you think about that? some people will say, What are you thinking? Well, for my own experience... If I would turn the time back, then I would love to stay Single. There are many reasons that I said this. Married would mean a lot to a couple if they both know how to take care of each other, care about each other and nothing more than family; then your married is totally awesome. However, in my case... everything is just upside down. I cared for someone that he never love me, I do everything just for him but nothing in return. Moreover, I get all the blame and pain. So, I dont see any point of getting married... dont get me wrong, it is just me that I have been in a bad relationship. Another thing about Single life, it is hard and it is lonely if you are not with someone right? So, what do you entertain yourself? The question is, if you want to make thing right... which way you choose? stay single or marry? The answer is up to you. If you make the decision, you have to responsible or your decision... can't blame anyone else. Good luck
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@eubilisa (211)
• Philippines
21 Nov 09
Well, right now I am single and I could say that I'm young to go to another degree of life but I would say that to stay single is an option but to be married is something that most of people are wanting. It's cool to be single and all but to be married to someone is a lifetime commitment so I think before getting into that degree you have to be ready and stable in all aspects of life rather than to regret it eventually because there are things or habits that when you're already married you just have to throw those or else you're married life would be affected. In your case, it's so sad that you have to experienced such thing but of course maybe god has other plans for you so you just have to wait and see what's next but I know that you have a good heart and you don't regret that it's just that nobody's perfect but who knows you'll another one that truly completes you.
@chinthit (70)
• United States
16 Nov 09
Being married and being single both carry their own challenges. Married people many times wish they were single and single people many times wish they were married. The single life is good for many people, but I know that most, especially as they get older, want to be married and not alone. I think we all have that desire to be in the best relationship. Unfortunately that almost never happens. We end up in a relationship, and we realize it may not be the BEST one. Then we either have to get out of it, or make the best of it. In essence, it boils down to what each individual truly wants, and is willing to make the sacrifices for.