what kind of movie do you like most?

November 11, 2009 6:57pm CST
I like horrible movie most...such as "final destination"serious how about you?
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@TrvlArrngr (4045)
• United States
13 Nov 09
I prefer to watch science fiction movies the most. I also like action movies, romantic comedies, and thrillers.
• Thailand
12 Nov 09
I dont' like serious movies, to be honeset, they just aren't fun sometimes. Yes they maybe breathtaking but I would always love the easy life story with a mix of comedy. I'd go for Drama and rather learn things from other peoples live than watch something that isn't real.
@lelin1123 (15598)
• Puerto Rico
12 Nov 09
I love the movies. I have a good idea when I see coming attractions if I want to see a certain movie or not. I love romantic comedies, dramas, mysteries and adventure/action movies. My favorite would have to be romantic comedies.
@mama_bear (1120)
• Canada
12 Nov 09
i love science fiction and fantasy and horror, those are the top ones. and it totall rocks when i get a movie that has all of the above in one. the matrix is one of my most favored movies on earth and the fifth element also has all those things that i mentioned.
• Malaysia
12 Nov 09
Hello. I prefer comedy or romance movie which is more relaxing, as I treated watching movie as a way to release tension. I don't like horror movie cause I think it's very scary and some of it is disgusting. Also, i like animation very much cause they're very funny.
@rjvb26 (2518)
• Philippines
12 Nov 09
I like... Horror but not an ordinary horrors but banned ones, i like action movies and scifi films... The worst brutal sadistic movie I've ever watch is Grotesque
@greenline (14839)
• Canada
12 Nov 09
Hello Christina. I used to be a movie addict before. I would go to movie theatres atleast three times a week. In those days, I would see all kinds of movies, horror, western, detective, romance, and so on. These days, I seldom get the time to go to movies, just once in a while. So, to relax and get rid of the stresses, I would go to musical and comedy movies.
@dodyast3 (1514)
• Indonesia
12 Nov 09
I like action, horror, thriller, comedy, and a few of drama. I think I like most of movies . I have watched all series of final destinations, all series of Saw, and most of the movies out there. The latest one I watched Surrogates by Bruce Willis and Orphan. I am still waiting for 2012, which is I think it will be a good movie
@iwrite (5034)
• Singapore
12 Nov 09
I like comedy and action motives, however sometime I do like to suspense thrill like final destination due to plot and sorry line.