VEMMA is an MLM Scam don't join them!

November 11, 2009 10:28pm CST
Have you heard about VEMMA? The Vitamins and minerals in juice form made from mangosteen, green tea and aloe. And now VEMMA is in the Philippines and i personally meet and talked with the President of VEMMA in our country. Some people posted and written negative things about VEMMA and they say it is a SCAM! Just because this an MLM company and for them when they heard the word MLM or networking everything is now a scam.I searched the net about it and i found out that they are wrong.Because of pyramiding scams that scattered on the net MLM business was negatively affected but i accept this as a great challenge. I decided to join this business because of its worldwide target market using the internet by promoting your own marketing website given for FREE by vemma.In my two weeks activity i already earned commissions and retail profits by just promoting vemma website.I already gained back my capital and hopefully gain more income from them. To know more about vemma, kindly check my website in my profile and click HEALTH & WELLNESS tab and learn, study carefully if it is really a scam. Your reactions and comments is very much important please say something about vemma.Thank you so much for reading this.
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