Why can hardly someone enjoy their life?

November 11, 2009 11:05pm CST
I myself enjoy my life very much. I enjoy just being myself. I enjoy being simple and I'm happy with everything I have. However, I found out my of my friends doesn't enjoy their life even though they have almost everything and of course their life is much better than me. They always told me that they are not satisfy with their life. I wonder why?
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@ronald11 (22)
• Kenya
12 Nov 09
Life is all about what you make it to be. One can be able to enjoy life when they look beyond their present hardships and problems. When you look beyond towards a brighter future then this becomes a habit. Choose to enjoy life.
• Philippines
3 Dec 09
Because we have different wants and different decision and we are never satisfy with our life. Maybe now you are enjoying your life but there will comes a time that you will get bored of the same thing you done everyday and you want new and the unsatisfaction factor will comes in. I have been through that. I thought at first I was satisfied with simple living with my family and then problem occurs. I realize I am not contented with simple life but more on the upper level of it. I realize that I have to do something to make this life more colorful and if I just wait for it to happen there will nothing happen. Well it is good and positive that you enjoy your life, you can help your friend to explain to him about your life. Maybe he needs a little of inspiration to enjoy his life.
@maximax8 (30074)
• United Kingdom
13 Nov 09
One of my friends has a miserable father. Before his mother got married her family asked her not to marry him because he was so unhappy. Her mistake was thinking she could cheer him up. They wanted to have a baby and it took his wife eight years to get pregnant. He got a book called 'How to be Happy' for Christmas last year but I don't think he has read it. He was an unhappy young man and now he is a miserable old man. I have only seen him smile once.
@Hatley (164237)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Nov 09
tommytan__88 you are content which so many people are not. they think that more things will bring them contentment' when what they do not realize is that things and other people cannot make you happy and content ,it comes from within yourself.you can make you happy,you can be content if you wish to be. You can be content with being simple and that is a gift we all should have.
@syankee525 (6293)
• United States
12 Nov 09
i think because they fail to see how bless they are, either with people or what they have in thier life. i know there is people i know who have a better life then i do, but they are always asking why i smile and i love my life, even because i have lot of medical issues i am dealing with. and i make fun of myself my thing is i dont have as much as others, but i have more then some do. i am bless with my good family and a few close friends too. life is what you make of it, and change the things we can and learn to except things we cant