do u like authentic bags???

November 11, 2009 11:45pm CST
hi , i used to buy new authentic bags when i was a teenager, after i got married, i can only afford to buy second hand authentic bags, like Gucci, LV, Burberry..etc at one stage, i would use my 90% income to spend on bags, after so many years, to be honest ,i am a bit regret...cos i could use those money to invest on something else. the last bag i bought was just a month ago, from one Ebay trusted Gucci store, it is a new shoulder bag, i paid $680 for it. after i made the payment through Paypal, the next day i have received a message from Ebay, says the bag wasn't allow to sell , the listing has been removed, if u want to get ur money back, go to Paypal..etc so i have to contact the seller, he told me Ebay made a mistake,he has sent me the bag already , and he sold authentic bags for so many yrs on Ebay....etc i didnt care, i put a dispute on Paypal, it takes weeks to solve the problem, meanwhile the seller kept asking me to cancel the dispute...he is asking Ebay to send me a message to confirm it was a mistake. u know, in fact i was so looking forward to open the parcel and can't wait to use it..but i did not, at that moment, i have no mood to do so, i thought i paid for an authentic bag (which i can tell it is ) but suddenly Ebay told me it might not safe to buy it! if u were me, what would u think??? after a week, Ebay sent me a message, that the bag was relist, i can leave feedback. well, at the moment i rather to have my cash back! since then, i didnt even go to Ebay to browse a thing, and i tell myself ,will not buy bags from internet again, cos always it not the same thing that is what u r expecting. do u have same experiences? share with us.
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