is it the end -- "2012"

November 12, 2009 2:08am CST
Hello MyLot Friends,This is a Current Thrilling & Fearful Question Asked By Everyone -- "IS IT THE END OF OUR WORLD -- 2012"??
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• India
12 Nov 09
Hello everyone It does not really mean that if a movie named "2012 - End Of The World" showing the end of the world, is going to be released, there will be the end of it . The scientists have said in regard to the end of the world in near future to be impossible . However the natural disasters like earthquake, Tsunami ,Hurricane , etc will become frequent.But they strongly believe that the earth will be destroyed in around 5 billions of years in future when the sun turns into the "WHITE DWARF STAR" consuming the whole earth leaving enough time for living our 10 billion generations . Good luck, Happy mylotting.
• China
12 Nov 09
no, I do not believe that,2012 is not the end of our world,if the world should perish, as early as have perished,it will be destroyed by war,such as world war II,Cold War(if it really break out),the modern world's most afraid is the nclear weapon.we all will be killed by diseases ,but we still alive now,so is the end of our world in 2012?of course please do not worry about this