Your family nickname?

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November 12, 2009 11:05am CST
What nickname has your family given to you? How did you get it? Do you like it? My nickname is "Shelly", because my middle name is for some reason, they used the shortened version. Only people outside my family call me Julia. I don't hate the name, but don't really favor it either...kinda apathetic and just got used to it. The other nickname my dad gave me, is "Snuggles". When I was little, I liked to snuggle up with him in his lap. I remember settling down with him in the evenings to watch Mr. Ed and Dukes Of Hazard. My sister's name is Snookers, because apparently she tried to 'snooker' her way out of trouble, when she was little.
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• United States
12 Nov 09
I am the "black sheep". I am such an outcast in my family. I do not know how I can be related to any of the members in my family.