what kind of protein should i use for lifting?

November 12, 2009 2:40pm CST
i am trying to get big and sculpted and stay in shapre, i wan to know what kind of protein to use for this, i am up for anthing, pills, or shakes, but the most important is healthier way. i dunwan to hurt my body. anyone have the experience before can share with me about your way and protein you use thanks lot have a nice day~~
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• Canada
12 Nov 09
Protien shakes are usually pretty healthy, but I wouldnt take any protien pills if I were you. Eat alot of meat, especially chicken and turkey because it is the leanest. Eggs are also high in protien as well as cottage cheese. Before you eat something, check the label and see how much protien you are getting.
@allright (86)
• India
13 Nov 09
Dear smallcloud , to gain muscle diet is the most important thing. Supplements are just that...they can supplement your diet but they are not meal replacement. So take 6-7 healthy meals a day with lots of dairy and poultry products of your choice.If you want to fry them then use PAM. Also it is important to know that you have to take a balanced diet. There has to same amount of carbohydrates as proteins in your diet. The composition of your diet should be 40% carbs, 40% proteins, and 20% fat. Consume good carbs like oats,brown rice,potato,sweet potato etc. Dont forget fruits and vegetables , you need them for minerals and vitamins to recover from your gym sessions and return stronger for the next session. And only then you should think of supplements. The most important supplement you need is fish oil for essential fatty acids which help in production of hormones required for you to grow big. No doubt you need protein supplements too. I would reccommend Nitrotech or for that matter any protein from Muscletech company if they dont burn a whole in your pocket