Virgin Mobile & Bestbuy

United States
November 12, 2009 6:06pm CST
Hi all, I plan on using the money I earn from myLot to buy top-up cards for virgin mobile through does anyone know if you need a verified payapl account in order to purchase from Also, for those of you who have Virgin Mobile how do you like them? I use them currently as my second phone and I love the flixbility of changing phones whenever I like unlike contact phones and I also like the flexbility of changing plans. I'm very big into technology so I like to change up my phone often just for the fun of it so I love the fact virgin mobile allows us to buy a new phone and just change it whenever. Plus the phones are fairly priced so I don't have to pay a ton to get a new phone. What do you think and if you can answer my question about BB that would be great, thanks!
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