im new hir and im hoping we can be friends.. i wud love that

November 12, 2009 6:30pm CST
hey guys im 16 and im new hir.. i wana have more friends.. can u plss add me or response on this.. i rli rli rli wana hav more friends to talk to and share stuffs and evn help me in tyms of need i wud love to hav sum advise ones in a whle frieds? plsss ^^
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• Canada
13 Nov 09
I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends if you stop typing like your 12. I'm sure you know how to spell. It's fine to type like that on certain websites or whatever, but mylot is sort of a place for mature conversations and real issues and problems. Also, there are not alot of younger people on this site. I'm 18 and most people here are older than me. But yeah, I will add you as a friend.
@marguicha (128786)
• Chile
13 Nov 09
WOW! You were hard on the newbie, captainmorgan! But I agree with you about the spelling. I have a lot of typing problems because of my eyes and arthrosis. Besides my native tongue is not English. But I try my best as most of us do. Take care.
• Canada
13 Nov 09
Spelling mistakes are not uncommon and if she were mispelling the words on accident I would not have said anything, as I know some people do have trouble with that. But if she is 16 she knows that pls is not the proper spelling for please and wud is not the proper spelling for would, even if it is her second language. I guess I was a little harsh, but in my opinion people should spell to their best ability.
@James06 (10)
• China
3 Dec 09
well,where are you come from?
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
13 Nov 09
Welcome and I hope you find mylot as fun and interesting as I do. Well, considering you're already on my list, I don't have to add you again, hehe. Have fun.