want a new friend? ask them questions, listen to the awnsers!

United States
November 12, 2009 9:59pm CST
best way to make a friend is to just listen to them. people like to be heard. not given advice or told that what there doing is wrong, just listened to. ask regular questions and give them your full attention while you listen to the awnser. have you ever experienced a long winded individual? the kind that never shut up? you dont ask them questions ever cause you know they will never get to the awnser! how many have experienced this? do you ever want to be that persons good friend? do you belive that full attention is required to have a great conersation with someone?
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• India
13 Nov 09
You're right friend, to become a good conversationalist one has to become a good listener first. When someone listens to me attentively I get a feeling of importance. Communication becomes fluid and enjoyable when both parties are eager to listen to each other. Some people are such good listener that everybody go to them with their problems - not to get them solved but to share them. These people are rare these days because we hardly have much time to listen to others nowadays
• United States
23 Nov 09
i agree. no one wants to listen. they want just the problem, give you just the awnser and if you take good and if not your loss. the art of listening and caring is absent from almost eery relationship. friends, family, co workers... all gone. to care. i like to listen and relate. its fun and you make strong bonds that way. how about you? you sound like one of the few.
@kunizzul (1067)
• Malaysia
14 Nov 09
well that right. to be a good friend is to be a good listener. when someone talk to us we need to pay attention to what they are saying. that is to show some respect.