Are there any Aliens with devine powers?

November 13, 2009 5:05am CST
Hello everyone. I have seen many movies that are based upon some alien . I wonder that weather the aliens really are present or not? And if they are here do they have some divine powers that can control events on this earth? There have been many people around the world that had declared that they have seen UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Do you believe that if they exist we can be friends and live together to make a better world. Please give your extra ordinary and priceless views on this. Thanks in advance. Happy Mylotting.
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• India
14 Nov 09
I Might Think there are Aliens in our world,There were Signs! I Think Probably they're not Different to us they might be Human Beings Only, After I Saw 2012 , I Got This Idea Because this world Faced The Earth Disaster Long Years Ago , where Almost 99% Human Beings Get Finished,So I Think In U.F.O. The Aliens are our People Only ,who Develops physically & Mentally more than us!
@Frederick42 (2022)
• Canada
13 Nov 09
I do not believe in anything called divine powers. I believe only in natural laws. Divinity is a myth. But anything that is natural is certainly the reality.