why so many pokies machines around?

November 13, 2009 7:37am CST
hi, i know lots of people lost so much so much on pokies /slot machines, even myself i lost 2 yrs wages on those stupid machines, cos at that time, my husband was not with, he worked overseas, i had so much time ,and i found it was so FUN to play those machines, and the main reason i addicted was : i could smoke there. to be honest, i am so regreted, i worked hard, and PLAYED hard, somtimes even didnt have $1 in my pocket. finally i woke up, for my kids i had to quit. And i did, now we can save up money, go to holiday, buy things that we like...etc. i know is hard to quit, but pls give it up, seek for help. dont let the machines take all ur money. all the best!
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