Can you find me the right MLB team to invest my passion into?

@joniebee (182)
November 13, 2009 8:55am CST
Hi there,I have only recently got into Baseball in any kind of depth.I'm from the UK and so far have just been getting to grips with the basics of the game and I've been happy to follow any team at any time,But as i grow to love the game more and more i would like to become a fully fledged fan of one of the MLB teams.Now i don't just want to pick the best,Most dominant team,I want to choose from a number of factors like size of fan base,History and tradition,Passion of fans,Star players,And i have to say that i would prefer the team to be from one of the bigger cities.So there it is,Can you find me the right team to follow?I look forward to reading your thoughts,And thank you.
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4 Jan 10
Welcome to baseball! I root for four teams and the reason are all different. my first love was The New York Mets
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19 Nov 09
You are probably going to need to pick one of the more well know teams if you plan to follow them on television. Most all of the MLB teams are from larger cities so that does not narrow it down greatly. As far as fan base the hometown team will usually attract a hometown base so that isn't a whole lot of help either. My suggestion is to watch a few games pick out a few players that interest you then do some looking into those players to help narrow down who you would want to support. I used to be a big fan of the Atlanta Braves, when their farm club was in my hometown becuase I was able to watch several of their guys go up through the system. Now I just like to see a good game. Don't really pull for one team.
@jackee (138)
• United States
13 Nov 09
Being from Philadelphia Pennsylvania I am partial to the Phillies. I've been a fan since 1955. This current team is one of the most exciting clubs that I have watched in these many years. They come to work, they don't quit when they are down, and it's a team you would not have a problem rooting for with you children. They are,and have been role models for the kids. I think they are worth a look.
@MJay101 (710)
13 Nov 09
No idea, my friend - it's something you should definitely decide for yourself! I'm also from the UK and love baseball. When I got into the sport in a big way, I decided to support a franchise that matched my personality. So I picked the Boston Red Sox, who almost always lost / fluffed it / came second to the New York Yankees. They'd not won the World Series in decades. That year (2004), they won it. I was furious! Then they won it again in 2007... It's never been quite the same, since!