earnig easy money is really a hard work...nothing comes easy i think...

November 13, 2009 2:22pm CST
guys...i think you're feeling me on this...but honestly,can we get an easy job and get away with it with a great deal of cash at hand?i need someone to talk about this,or i'll be attracted to fancy advertisements 'bout this stuff like bees to flowers!!!
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@aking888 (66)
• China
14 Nov 09
as a man want to live in the world,he must try his hard to do everything.i think everything need we hard work.although physical work or mental work.long time before i worked at hard physical,but i was more intersted with my work.now i work at office,but i am not happy also because there lots things need i finish.and i must think over and waste most of my time.
• Philippines
14 Nov 09
yes that's what i'm thinking...thanks guys...:D
• United States
26 Oct 11
The only easy money is recurring income that you can make usually by referring active users to sites. I do this all the time for a bunch of sites. The best referral program I've found was Cash Crate. If you want to try it sometime here's my link: http://www.cashcrate.com/3232681 it is http://www.cashcrate.com/ if you don't want to help me out with a referral
@lkbooi (16070)
• Malaysia
15 Nov 09
Really rookie, it’s extremely difficult to find any job that can make easy money. We will feel happy if we could earn enough money for our daily expenses only after a hard day work. As what I know most of the rich persons make ample money by investment but working. Of course we need a great amount of capital to start a business. What to say if we could accumulate the required amount of financing and start managing a small stall first along a busy street first. But there are still lots of problems to solve before the business like getting the stall license, what type of stuffs selling, sell well or not, etc... I think there is totally not a way to get money for doing nothing. Anyway always feel happy with the way we are used to make money for our expenses
@JohnJeff (720)
• Malaysia
14 Nov 09
Hi rookie.Your question is repeat many time in this section.Well, it's up to you.If you want to generate residual income online you need extra time and extra work.For long term you have try and error,gain knowledge,get more information and willing to learn every day.it's not impossible to get money on line.Hundreds of Internet marketer are very successfull doing this task.You only need to find the right information.Have a nice day.