Stop Mountaintop Removal

United States
November 13, 2009 2:46pm CST
Mountaintop Removal is by far the most destructive practice to the environment around us and to our own existence. The amount of coal produced by an MTR mine is hardly anything compared to the vast destruction it causes. The retention ponds that hold the sludge from these coal mines are delicately perched above towns. We have already seen what happens when a damn breaks on a retaining field. The people of the town below have less than 10 minutes before they are buried alive in coal sludge. We need to do everything to stop this practice from occuring at all. Massey energy has been freely raping appalacia for a long time. They are the leading violator of the clean water act. The EPA needs to step up and start enforcing the laws put forth to protect our water and our people.
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• Philippines
23 Nov 09
yeah this is an issue that i can sympathize with you on. and on the subject of environmentalism why is it that your EPA does not have any real power to halt these abuses? the reason is fascism, the most direct definition of fascism is when "corporate agenda becomes political priority." that needs to be stamped out thank you