Who do you think the children listen the most, Mom or Dad?

@Fulltank (2894)
November 13, 2009 10:18pm CST
My daughter listens to her mother more than me. Thats because she never gives me any troubles and I often treat her with a low, soft voice. But my other two is a riot. I had to talk to them in a stern voice in order for them to listen to me. Its a little harder for my wife to make them listen to her than me. When it comes to this, who do you think children listens the most? Mommy or Daddy?
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@jugsjugs (13038)
14 Nov 09
Well in my house the children seem to listen to me more than their dad as they know what i say i mean,where as their dad says one thing for them to do and then never insures they do it.Where as i am the person that what ever i say i mean and i never say they are ungronded.
@morsh8888 (634)
• Indonesia
14 Nov 09
of course mom, We knew that children learn well with their moms or with a peer, but we did not know if that was because they were getting feedback and help. However mostly children listen to mom, because she the one who have children for 9 months in her...