Have you ever donated your plasma for money?

United States
November 14, 2009 3:50am CST
Have you ever donated your plasma for money? Did you know you actually could? If you have, what was it like. If not, would you if it meant some extra pocket money each week? What's your thoughts/experiences on this?
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14 Nov 09
I've never heard of this. I live in the UK. I will be looking into this as well. Would be interesting to know we could.
14 Nov 09
I am assuming plasma is blood or a part of blood anyway. In the UK we are asked to donate blood for free. We're not paid for it. In a way I wish we were if only a small amount as I think it would encourage more blood donors. It is vital for our hospitals to have ample supply of blood as it saves so many lives.
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14 Nov 09
I think that was mainly the reason for the money incentive as to encourage more blood donors here in the US. I dunno how long it's been going on but it does go on in actual hospitals. Yeah, it is part of the blood.
@benny128 (3621)
14 Nov 09
yeah I donate my blood etc etc every few months everyone who can should. But you mentioned donate for money a donation should be free what you are saying is do you sell your plasma etc etc anything like this that can save a life should be given freely in my personal opinion.