How To Make-Up Your "Biceps"?

November 14, 2009 5:41am CST
Hello MyLot Friends, It Has Been Little Jealous,But it's True The Boy with Biceps or Triceps Looks more Handsome which the Girls like most & also it develops personality of that Boy/Man. So Can Anybody Knows in this world "How To Make Biceps"??
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• India
15 Nov 09
Hello sahilpadhiyar20, I know you must have been some jealous to other guys with Biceps as they are comparatively good looking and can attract others easily. But its not all. You should concentrate on having good confidence and strong virtues in yourself that makes you valuable. Although to be healthy and fit you must do exercise and yoga regularly to keep your physical and mental balance. Exercise will help you in making your body fit and superior and Yoga will help you in develop your concentration and self control. You should try these both together. Good luck, Happy mulotting
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
14 Nov 09
small rep's with heavy weights or numerous reps with light weights the main thing is to establish a relax period, do not do the same exercise every day, give your muscle time to stretch and heal then start again, the body gets used to the same repititous exercise, mix it up a bit. give a day in between working on the same muscle group.
@BART78 (2930)
• Canada
14 Nov 09
well, if you want really to have big arms (bicep/triceps/forearms), include also your shoulder/chest/back for well balance and define upper body, you need to hit the gym and ask some assitance from professional trainer, for building this kinds of muscle group there are certain exercise you need to perform inorder to hit some parts of this groups of muscle, besides this exercise you need some nutrients and a complete rest to have well build arms...
@Apples24 (421)
• Singapore
14 Nov 09
Hi Sahil It is all about a 10 minutes a day of exercise. Exercising with dumbbells not only strengthen your biceps nut your whole arm too.. It is all about a good diet and sufficient exercise. Alternatively, you can also go to a gym to workout your whole body