Uses for Empty CD Package?

United States
August 29, 2006 2:38pm CST
What are some uses for that empty plastic cylinder that CD-Rs come in? What do you do with it after you've used the 50 or 100 CD-Rs, other than recycle it?
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@jenrajkot (149)
• India
12 Oct 06
its the best storage of the older cds you stack 50 or 100 of them in it
• United States
12 Oct 06
Isn't that harmful to the CDs? They could scratch against each other. Also, it isn't convenient to access the CDs on the bottom of the pile.
• United States
15 Oct 06
No it doesn't scratch the CDs, that's where they came from to begin with. It is the safest place to put CDs that no longer have cases or the ones that come in those CD envelopes.
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
3 Jan 07
I use some to keep screw nails and assorted items after sawing of the spindle and turn them upside down!
@dalejr38 (2421)
• United States
26 Nov 06
throw away
@ossie16d (11826)
• Australia
11 Oct 06
Give them to the children to play or if you don't have any, then the local pre-school or kindergarten could probably find a use for them when the children do crafty type things.
@rainbow (6763)
10 Oct 06
Give they to the kids to play ith, you'll be suprised where their imaginaton can take then with a few art things.
@tysucks (27)
• United States
29 Aug 06
You could use it as a paper towel dispenser, a hamster wheel, a bagel server, a tent stake, or possibly even a CD holder...
@swolecat (1278)
• United States
29 Aug 06
I usually just throw them out If i dont need them why keep them