is cheating a disease?

United States
November 14, 2009 10:38pm CST
I often wonder do people cheat because they can't help themselves or is it just that they don't care. I'm a pretty honest person so I have a hard time cheating or lying. I was just wondering do people do it because they can't help themselves.
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• Philippines
15 Nov 09
Actually cheating is not a disease , it is a sin. Why ? people use it to manipulate other people. People use it to gain power and wealth . It is one aspect of corruption in all walks of life. Do you agree with me? In this world, to live a good life, first you must believe in God; second: Have great faith; third: Do what is RIGHT to avoid BAD KARMA and to be blessed. I believe in this things. So what I have said cheating is not a disease , it is a sin to God. S don't cheat or lie, because in the end the TRUTH will set us free. Good Day........
@ayebelle (368)
• Philippines
15 Nov 09
No it's not a disease though. Be specific. cheating is actually a bad habit of those who are doing it. It's not that they do that because they can't help themselves. It's still their choice if they will gonna do it or not. And what do you mean they don't care? of course they do care of themselves because they don't want to fail on something! Cheaters are most likely those lazy persons, and they are parasites. They don't challenge themselves and they want to pass in a particular problems without doing an effort.A selfish person. Tsk! Really hate cheaters.
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
15 Nov 09
I wouldn't say it is a disease. I think it's more of a choice. There are some people who can't help themselves because of their urges or in cases where they have underlying issues like being a nympho. As a whole though, I think most people are quite capable enough to control themselves, if they wanted to.
@Slewis77 (47)
• United States
15 Nov 09
People cheat not because they want to or that they can't help themselves. It is a natural instinct that we were all born with. We are all Technically, yes, in the category of Primates. AKA Animals. Do you think Gorillas only have 1 mate. No! It's not a disease it is in our nature. I have no limitations on my husband. If he feels the urge and I am not around then so be it. We are not lying because we are open about it. Hope this helps.