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November 15, 2009 9:48am CST
Why are women turning their hair blond. Soon 90 percent of women will be blond and the rate will just keep going up. It is kind of annoying because it looks alitte ridulous. I am all for trying to do new looks but their is such a thing as going over board. No ever thinks if all women bleached their hair blond and got boobs jobs, with lip work, their will be no difference. No competetion.
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19 Nov 09
I am a brunette myself but i believe there are two reasons. 1)Blonde is seen as youthful and desireable and we have been brain washed through media to see blonde as beautiful 2) Because blonde is seen as less ethnic and todays society wants to be as white as possible. Dark hair can be seen as foreign. It's a messed society, but it's true
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19 Nov 09
I agree with you complete. Ethnic is not seen as a good thing. It is a messed up society.