Have you ever been to any forest ?

@shyamlal (3535)
November 15, 2009 9:52am CST
Well I always wanted to visit a real forest..A forest where it rains for days, got nothing but green all around me with tigers and elephants appearing right in front of me...But I have never been even to a small one..What about you ? Do you have this same special love for forests ??
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@stand87 (666)
• Bulgaria
12 Jan 10
My grandparents are from a village near the Danube river. There are two big forests near the village. They are full of legends and myths, strange, wild . . . I grew up there! You really don't know what it is. It's just wonderful to grew up in a forest. Most of my memories from my childhood are associated with these forests. Now I live in very big town. But I still enjoy when I return there to see my relatives and to meet the forest again. I do it once per year now. And, yes, I love the forest! It's so fantastic there, fairy tales are becoming alive!
@shyamlal (3535)
• India
13 Jan 10
You are one lucky guy..I envy you man..I never even been near to what can be called a real forest..
@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
7 Dec 09
Here on the island there are no forests ,at least no rain forest .We have a health level of rain and a mountain range in the centre of our island and there the vegetation is lush enough to be considered a forest .That is the closest I have come to a forest setting and believe me that could qualify as there are a number of exotic plants and even animals there but mostly plants and certainly no animals that can eat us
@shyamlal (3535)
• India
9 Dec 09
And which island are you talking about ?? Seems like a great place to live in..right ??