Couchsurfing - have you heard of this?

United States
November 15, 2009 3:30pm CST
I recently went on a trip with a couple of friends and we were tightly watching out budget. To help cut costs, we "couchsurfed" with someone who lived where we were visiting. There is a whole network to pair up people with available space and travelers who are looking for a place to stay, called Have you ever heard of this? At first it sounded really sketchy to me, but we had an amazing experience, and I've found that the people associated with the site are really fun and relaxed. What do you know about couchsurfing? Have you done it before? Tell your story --
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@yugasini (12836)
• Anantapur, India
15 Nov 09
hi theweerouss, i have heared about couch surfing there a site also couch surfing i think you have already member in that site,i also become a member,but they are charging some dollars for verify member ship,but how to pay i does not know,becuase i does not have a credit card till now,there are lot of friend from so many countries are there,have a nice day
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@khayshenz (1384)
• United States
21 Nov 09
I've heard of couch surfing - especially when I was a college student. It was popular for us then because there were times (during the summer)when we don't have a place to stay. So we would asked friends if it's ok to stay on their couch for a week or so. It's not something new - it's just interesting how people are so trusting that they would put their couch up for travellers. I have an extra room in my house - it's just being used for storage and computer room. I don't know if I trust other people enough to let them stay in it though - even it's just for a weekend.
@maximax8 (30060)
• United Kingdom
18 Nov 09
I have heard of couch surfing and I did have a look at their website. I sounded like an excellent idea for the budget traveler. I imagine that there are some lovely people in wondered destinations that can be visited. In some countries there are many different choices like the USA and Canada. In other countries there are only one or two choices and in some countries nobody does couch surfing. I have a toddler son that is disabled and a baby daughter. I wish couch surfing had been around when I was younger. I imagine that my mom would have been worried about me staying safe. I think I would have felt fine about doing couch surfing.
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• United States
10 Apr 10
yeah, I've used it. Never hosted anyone, but I did travel and needed a ride to and from the airport, so I made a friend on couchsurfing and he not only gave me a ride, but showed me around the city one day/night. I wouldn't be worried because couchsurfing is a lot like ebay, with the ratings and all. Other users who have experience with a certain member, will leave feedback, making it easier for other members to trust them.